Parallel Lines ( /// ) is a Canadian improv-instrumental band comprised of Eric Quach (Destroyalldreamers, thisquietarmy) on guitar, Ryan Ferguson (Sianspheric, Electroluminescent) on synthesizers & Pascal Asselin (Below The Sea, Millimetrik) on drums. With 1000 km separating the 3 members & several years of crossing each other’s paths, sharing the stage with their various projects – the concept is simple: whenever the occasion arises during their busy schedule – jam & press record.

With their close friendship, chemistry & talent, as well as their common sonic influences, the trio manages to churn out a new brand of psyched-out ambient/shoegaze/post-rock with monolithic krautrock & kosmische influences as proven on their first 2 releases which were recorded and improvised live in front of an audience, without any safety net.

For their 3rd and latest record “Infinity” ( ∞ ), the process was similar except that it was recorded in seclusion, in 2 different sessions & locations. Even though it can be considered as a studio album, they have not changed their ways: the improvisational nature of the momentary recordings has remained intact and the trio has once again managed to pull off this feat with great ease. The result of these sessions closely showcases the evolution of a band getting more comfortable, more consistent and especially more creative with each encounter.

Parallel Lines ( /// )
Infinity ( ∞ )
Date de parution : Avril 2012
01. ∞01 (12:35)
02. ∞02 (8:13)
03. ∞03 (6:42)
04. ∞04 (5:28)
05. ∞05 (8:29)
06. ∞06 (14:33)
07. ∞07 (11:27)