Epic45 was formed in 1995 from school friends Ben Holton, Rob Glover and Mark Oldfield after just starting high school. After developing an interest with the music that was coming out of Glasgow and Chicago, they started recording and playing gigs around 1998 with various friends helping out live and in the studio whilst always retaining the three founder members.

Still only in their early 20's, they blend together influences ranging from the ambience of bands such as Bark Psychosis, Labradford and Talk Talk to the sonic experiments of bands such as Godspeed You Black Emperor, Disco Inferno and Hood, but end up with a sound uniquely their own.

To date, Epic45 have released 2 EPs on the Birmingham based label Bearos, 3 split singles, appeared on various compilation albums and released an internet only mini album through their website. After their first EP, numerous Radio One airplay followed from both Steve Lamacq and John Peel, plus an appearance on Channel 4's,The Big Breakfast. The bands proper debut album 'Reckless Engineers' , which received plenty of honorous reviews was released on Where Are My Records during the summer of 2002.

Over the last few years, Epic45 have played live with the likes of Muse, Do Make Say Think, Cay, Rothko, Karamasov, The Pattern, Portal, The Black Heart Procession and Yellow6. Members of Epic45 have also performed live as part of the July Skies live band and their own electronic side project 'Low Temperature Science'.

The Epic45 second album 'Against The Pull Of Autumn' was recorded from summer 2002 to early 2003 at the band members homes in the Staffordshire countryside. It is to be considered like an album that’s not to be missed, as those who’ll listen to it are sure to find some confidence, like no other album this year!

Against The Pull Of Autumn
Date de parution : Juillet 2004
01. I'm getting too young for this
02. Programmes for Schools
03. You Said Nothing
04. Barn Diversions
05. Where the Holidays Went
06. Sculpted by Winter
07. The Water Tower
08. These Dead Years
09. Against the Pull of Autumn
10. Where to Now, Captain?
11. Secret Maps of England
12. River Traffic