Glider’s Sand from Water is last year With Ocean Between, remixed by Glider’s favorite bands. The music here is so powerful you’ll want to run forever. Most of the tracks here shows some of Glider’s catchiest tricks while others are total reinterpretation! As remixes are unpredictable, here it all flows with an easiness that’s not to be forgotten!
Sand From Water
Released date : April 2002
01. Floating fleeting - Couch remix
02. Différences similaires (The third time you will) - Below the Sea remix
03. Route nordique - Rothko remix
04. Gilles Kègle - Galerie Stratique remix
05. Le temps qu'il faut à une larme pour couler - Terminus B remix
06. Rivière Beauport (Almost groove) - Yellow6 remix
07. The middle of the ride - Ativin remix
08. L'égalité des hommes devant la mort - Sylvain Chauveau (Micro:Mega) remix
09. La peur de la différence - 1-Speed Bike remix
10. Constante dégradation - Jefre Cantu (Tarentel) remix
11. Un couple affreux - Glider
12. After the fight - Glider