«-11034m.» is Bathyscaphe’s second album. Following the first release, «Road Movie» (Lykill / Chronowax), based in discrete territories, « -11034m.» (recorded at Black Box Studio) is a deep dive into the abyss where an oppressing sensation pulls it close to epic porportions.

Make no buts about it, «-11034m.» is purely a solid work of art; specific, harsh and demanding, balancing between wonder, serenity, and explosion.

It is no coincidence, that scores of producers have seeked out these sounds shapers, to create various soundtracks to accompany their pictures. Bathyscaphe’s instrumental music recalls much more than just words, but rather evokes a huge palette of sentiments, realized and forged by; Fred Charlot (sampling, guitars, sequencing); his brother, Olivier (bass, sampling), and Cyril Moyer (drums).

Make sure to give these songs a listen ! These people are really bringing something fresh to the instrumental-rock community, mixing a whole bunch of dark electronic sounds to a raw, exploding rock sound.

Released date : April 27 2004
01. flexible
02. home sleep diagnostic
03. shutter-release
04. airpirate
05. brise glace
06. kilauea
07. labyrinthe
08. -11034m